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Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies with Our Cutting Edge Tool.

Welcome to the Bitcoin Era official website. Join a community of proud investors who have been building their experience and portfolio using Bitcoin Era. Read some of our investor’s reviews.

Bitcoin Era Reviews

Jeppe H.
Joined on: 03/11/2020

Around the clock trading

"I am delighted with this platform that helps me trade cryptocurrency. The profit has doubled, since this system allows you to work around the clock."
Nick F.
Joined on: 14/11/2020

paying off

"I was looking for a profitable trading platform for myself, I read a lot of reviews and came across Bitcoin Era. I heard from friends that algorithmic trading has become popular now, so I decided to try it anyway. The minimum deposit, of course, is high, but it seems that everything is paying off so far. We'll see what happens next. For me, this is a great advantage that I do not need to analyze the quotes myself, so I decided to stop there. I believe that this is our future."
Júlio S.
Joined on: 21/11/2020

no more tedious analysis

"I have been selling cryptocurrency for many years and trading has always been tedious and stressful for me. But thanks to Bitcoin Era I can forget about all the difficult situations, because now I don't need to solve them, and besides, I get a good profit. Everything suits me."
Alex M.
Joined on: 26/11/2020

autotrading works!

"I think that every self-respecting trader should trust a autotrading system that will improve his margins and allow him to earn money."

As seen on

With the Bitcoin Era upon us and so many investors jumping at the chance to buy some Bitcoin, many new investors are looking towards the Bitcoin Era trading system as a tool to use for their future investments. With so many trading systems on the market, it can be confusing as to which trading system to choose and with so many scam brokers out there it can be confusing as to who is legit and who is not. This is why we recommend Bitcoin Era. The trading system is user-friendly, transparent, credible and able to provide new and experienced users with many profitable opportunities.

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is a trading system that allows new and experienced traders to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies from its online, web-based trading systems. Our trading system is easily accessible via your web browser, as demonstrated here. All you need to begin is an active internet connection. Our trading system has been redesigned and adapted to cater to the needs of all users. We have also conducted rigorous testing of our trading system to make sure each user has an optimal experience. Bitcoin Era also has some significant features which allow it to stand out from its competitors. One feature which is very significant is the automated trading features. This allows users to set up the trading systems between specific trading sessions with specific limits. There is no manual input needed from users. The trading system is free from human error and is incapable of making mistakes. 

Power tip* spend at least four hours a day on your Bitcoin Era account to make sure you are up-to-date. To minimise your risk of losses, we recommend that you configure your account settings as accurately as possible with the help of our dedicated community managers.

Is Bitcoin Era Legit?

Bitcoin Era is Legit. This is evident when you take a look at the positive reviews and user testimonials on this website. Another bonus is that Bitcoin Era has partnered with regulated brokers to help manage your account. Most licensed brokers will not work with scam systems as it puts their license at risk with the regulating authorities. Bitcoin Era also has a fully-fledged customer support department, along with dedicated community managers, to assist clients should they have any questions or run into any problems on the trading system.

How do I Start Trading with Bitcoin Era?

Getting started with Bitcoin Era is quite straightforward. We’ll take you through the steps below:

Registration & Sign Up

No longer do you have to read through hours of paperwork and wait for ages for someone to get back to you. Gone is the difficult signup process and long verification process. Bitcoin Era has worked hard to simplify this process while still complying with all relevant regulations. All you need to do is complete our registration form

Another feature we have added is a community manager. This community manager is assigned to you as soon as you sign up. They will be there to assist you every step of the way. From answering questions to helping you upload docs, the community managers are here to make your life easier:

Make a deposit

The next step will be to make the affordable Є250 deposit. This will give you access to the entire trading systems. And you don’t need to worry, this is not a fee. All the money you deposit will be added to your trading account for you to trade. We always recommend that users start small and deposit more when they start to make profits. Payments can be made through the secure and encrypted payment system using your Credit or Debit Card, Wire Transfer or Mastercard. 


Have you used a trading system where the demo account looked nothing like the real trading system? This can be very frustrating as it is not worth traders spending their time using demo trading system that are not realistic. Bitcoin Era’s Demo trading platform is not like that. We have spent a great deal of time making the demo platform so realistic that it is hard to tell the difference. You can easily spend hours trading on it. This is a great feature as it allows traders to get used to the platform as well as try new strategies without risking their own money.

Live trading

With your deposit made, your account verified and you have tested the demo account, you can now move to the live account. We do recommend using the demo platform as long as you need and until you feel comfortable switching to the live trading system. You can also go back to the demo platform to practice again. It is better to be over-prepared than underprepared. Your community manager will also help you set your trading limits and stop-loss to limit losses and keep the automated system in line with your goals and wants.

The live trading system allows you to see how easy the trading system is to use. It is easy to navigate and use for both new and experienced traders. The trading system really stands out in terms of its user-friendly nature.

How to Use Bitcoin Era to Trade Bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin is probably why you are looking into this trading system. So how do you use Bitcoin Era to trade Bitcoin? There are many strategies for trading and we don’t want to get into all of that, but let’s start with what things you can do to better your chances at trading profitably:

  • Monitor what causes price movements. Knowing what makes Bitcoin’s price move will help you in predicting and planning trades. News, Press releases, Twitter and Celebrities all influence the price and it is important to keep track of these media items. Other factors include new laws and restrictions that affect Bitcoin.
  • Limit your exposure. Exposure is essentially the amount of money you have on the table. Too much and you can lose it all, too little and you won’t make any money. Use your trading limit to help limit your exposure.
  • Set a stop-loss limit. Stop-losses are triggers that automatically close a trade when it reaches a certain price. This is helpful if the price suddenly changes and you are unable to close the trade. Using a stop loss can help limit losses and lock in profits.
  • Don’t avoid shorting. Shorting a stock is essentially borrowing a stock to sell and then buying it back at a lower price. This helps you profit when the markets are moving downwards. Many people are scared of shorting and avoid it, but many successful traders have said that using shorting can form part of a successful strategy. So do your research, and learn how to use shorts correctly.
  • Move on. Don’t get attached to a trade and hang on forever. If it is not making money, cut it. Chances are it won’t make you money later.
  • Use the automated trading feature. Automated trading is a great way to profit from the markets according to some studies. This allows you more time and freedom as you don’t need to be at your computer as much.

The Benefit of Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and automated trading have quickly become popular. Especially in fast-moving, volatile markets, such as cryptocurrency Many traders are concerned that AI traders will not be as good or as effective as manual trading. However, it is quite the contrary. We’ve listed some profound benefits of using AI:

  • AI is not governed by emotions and is therefore incapable of making irrational decisions, unlogical decisions. This means that all trades placed by Bitcoin Era will be based on a logical and reasonable pattern of thought or explanation.
  • They are built by traders. AI trading algorithms are built by traders who have very niche insights. This means they are designed and tested by people who actually make money trading the markets. 
  • They are fast and very efficient. When you are monitoring the markets, you can look at one thing at a time. An automated system can look at many different currencies and factors and react instantly when there is a trade to be made. It can also assess large amounts of data in mere seconds.
  • It is time effective. You don’t have to be at your desk all the time, you can spend that time making money elsewhere or spending your profits. We recommend spending at least 4 hours a day on the live trading account.
  • Bitcoin Era is great for new traders entering the market with little to no experience. Many studies have shown that it can take a lot of time and practice to master the art of trading. Using an automated trading sytem allows a trader to trade live with the system and practice trading using their realistic demo trading platform. 

Five Key Features that Makes Bitcoin Era Stand Out From its Competitors

There are hundreds of seemingly profitable trading tools online, but not all of them can be trusted or have the features you need to assist you in being profitable on the cryptocurrency market. The crypto markets are fast-moving and need a trading system that can keep up. Bitcoin Era can definitely keep up.

Here are five standout features you need to know about: 

  • Stay Ahead of the Market: The Bitcoin Era programming is way ahead of the financial market. It is said to be 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. This speed can help you make fast and accurate trades.  
  • Profitable Trading Signals: Bitcoin Era is able to detect even the smallest changes in the market. This means it can produce the most precise trading signals on the platform for you to act on. 
  • No Registration Fee Required: Bitcoin Era, unlike other similar trading tools, does not charge any registration or brokerage fees. All you need is a minimum deposit. 
  • Online Platform: Once you have registered, you can access the Bitcoin Era platform from anywhere in the world. There is no mobile app yet, but we predict that there will be one soon. You can access it via all popular web browsers. All you need for now is an active internet connection. 
  • Affordable Minimum Deposit: Bitcoin Era only requires a minimum deposit of €250. This makes it affordable for traders to get started. This deposit will also be used as your first initial capital investment which will be used to trade. We suggest you stick to the minimum deposit. You can always deposit more once you make your first earnings. 



Is Bitcoin Era Free?

While Bitcoin Era does not have any hidden costs, new users must make a minimum deposit of €250. This deposit acts as your first capital investment and will be used to perform your first trade. You can refund this anytime.

What Fees Can I Expect Using Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era does not charge any trading or commision-based fees. Any currency conversions will carry standard market exchange rates.

Is Bitcoin Era a Scam?

No. Bitcoin Era is completely safe and very transparent. Our user reviews and testimonials above attest to this. If required, Bitcoin Era uses regulated brokers to help optimise your portfolio.

How Do I Get The Most From Bitcoin Era?

While Bitcoin Era software is automated, we do recommend sparing at least 20 minutes a day on your account. This way, you will stay up-to-date with strategies and/or approvals required on your part.